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Rave Reviews

“By far the freshest herbs available.  I LOVE them!”

Chef Kim Holmes

Sanders 1907 Restaurant

Grand Forks, ND

Ten year customer of gardendwellers FARM

"For nearly a decade, we at 10 North Main have been using gardendwellers FARM products.  They are simply the best quality herbs, and our customers can taste the difference.  Barry and Holly show a true commitment to excellence and their passion shows in their products."

Chef Jonathon Peterson

10 North Main

Minot, ND

"I love the smell of their fresh basil.  I look forward to seeing Barry and Holly each week. 
LOVE the Basil! Thank you gardendwellers"
Lora Peterson
Marketplace Food and Drug
Minot, ND


“gardendwellers FARM delivers exactly what we need
in the quantities we need.  Our customers love their herbs.”

Jason Schaefer,

Amazing Grains
Grand Forks, ND


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FRESH delivered herbs for 2015!

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·         All Herbs are picked within 24 hours of delivery so they arrive with Life and aroma extraordinaire!

·         Standing orders as well as weekly call in orders are welcome.

·         Deliveries start in late June or early July and run through October. 

·         Order extra quantity for freezing & winter use!

·         Although this is a limited season, our customers find it is a worthwhile treat for the extra flavor of North Dakota grown, organically grown herbs and often feature them as summer specials.  Our freshness and quality cannot be beaten by any other wholesale delivery company - guaranteed!

·         All of our products are grown chemical free using organic and sustainable practices - no chemicals or preservatives here!  We are not certified organic.

·         We grow in large quantities; Orders from 1 ounce to several pounds are not a problem.

·         We deliver clean, first washed tops and tender leaves making for minimal prep time.  Our harvest and post harvest handling ensures delivery of a quality product with great shelf life and easy prep.  We have a rigorous quality and safety plan, copies are available to customers on request.  We are a State of North Dakota inspected and licenses processing facility.

·         We deliver in tubs and food safe bags to restaurants and can package in soy based degradable clam shells with appropriate labeling for retail sales.  Our labels feature a UPC symbol for easy check out and inventory control.

·         Minot deliveries are made on Wednesdays and Saturday's as needed each week.  Grand Forks delivery day is Thursday each week. Pick up at the farm is always available.  Please call for more information.


Bill of Fare

We grow only the finest quality culinary varieties of herbs.

The following is the variety list, prices are set using an average commodity price from the USDA Agriculture Marketing Service Commodity of the current year and average wholesale prices for our area.
All one ounce packages for resale are priced at $1.90 each. 
All other herbs sold bulk are priced at $14.00 per pound. 

  • Genovese Basil: A favorite for flavor and aroma,  extremely large green 3” leaves.
  • Extrakta Sage: Extremely high oil content, great color and long lasting.
  • German Thyme: Excellent spicy pungent flavor with 6 to 8 inch tender stems.
  • Winter Savory: Higher proportion of thymol & more pungent flavor than summer savory.
  •  Italian Triple Curled Parsley: Extra curly with aroma so fresh it’s more than just a garnish!
  • Italian Flat Leaf Parsley: A favorite staple of the chef's we work with, great on fresh vegetables and soups.
  • Rosemary: Large leaves with high oil content separate easily from stems.
  • Santo Cilantro: Most popular herb in the U.S.! This selection is grown specifically for its flavorful leaves.
  • Mrs. Burns’ Lemon Basil: Best tasting lemon basil with a sweet tangy flavor.
  • Lemon Balm: Intense lemon flavor great with desserts, fish, or poultry.
  • Dill Leaf: Extremely productive with high essential oil content, we sell only dill leaf - no heads.
  • Purly Chives: Straight easy to chop leaves with loads of aroma and flavor.
  • Spearmint: Downy leaves with great taste for drinks, deserts, and glazes.
  • Fennel Leaf: That great flavor of Fennel, without the bulb, fresh great color.
  • Zaatar Marjarom: The best culinary Marjoram available, sweet and tasty!
  • Greek Oregano: The milder, sweeter oregano, best on the market.
  • Italian Oregano: Excellent with tomato bases and sauces, spicier than the Greek, excellent for Italian cuisine
  • Peppermint: It's summer, think Mojito, peppermint desserts, and fresh salads! 
  • Tarragon: Wonderful flavor with a hint of cinnamon or pine.  

    We also carry a few other herbs in smaller quantities, such as Stevia,  - don't see what you are looking for?  Call and ask, we just might have it for you!

    Meet Our Customers!



Jon and Matt
10 North Main
Minot, ND







 Devan Hoffer and  Lora Peterson Marketplace Food and Drug, Minot, ND





 A few of Our Customers

  • Marketplace Food and Drug - Minot
  • Marketplace Foods - Dakota Square - Minot
  • Marketplace Foods - Broadway - Minot
  • Marketplace Foods - Arrowhead - Minot
  • Marketplace Food and Drug - North Hill - Minot
  • All Hugo's locations in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks
  • 10 North Main -Minot
  • Sanders 1907 Restaurant - Grand Forks
  • Dakota Harvest Bakery - Grand Forks
  • Souris River Brewing - Minot
  • New Orleans Lager and Ale - New Orleans, LA
  • Tony Balay, Lone Star Smoke Rangers, Competition BBQ team, Rapid City, SD
  • Various Other restaurants and caterers within the state.


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